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Information for foreign patients

Patients from foreign countries may receive healthcare services at UNIMEDYK Medical Centre in the following cases:
  1. Patients from foreign countries employed by a Polish employer, who are subject to obligatory health insurance and who are entitled to choose a doctor at the medical centre based on the same rules as Polish patients,
  2. Patient from EU / EFTA countries having the European Health Insurance Card,
  3. Patients from foreign counties who have signed a contract with the National Health Fund in Poland,
  4. Patients from foreign counties being insured at the commercial insurance company – in such cases we issue a receipt for the medical treatment, which can be presented to the insurance company.


Information for foreign students:

Students from EU/EFTA Member States may receive healthcare services according to the same rules as all persons insured with the National Health Fund.
As a proof of insurance, they should present a European Health Insurance Card issued by the institution of the country in which they are insured.
Students from outside the EU/EFTA who begin studying at a university in Poland may sign a contract with Wielkopolskie Province Department of the National Health Fund (Polish abbreviation: WOW NFZ) concerning voluntary health insurance.


In case of sudden deterioration of health or other urgent cases, a foreign student studying at the Adam Mickiewicz University will be admitted to a doctor at UNIMEDYK Medical Centre irrespective of whether they are insured or not. The employees of the Medical Centre will also help such patients to deal with the insurance procedure.